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Montgomery Celebrates the Halloween Season with This Weekend's Heart-Pounding Haunted Attractions!

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Now that the Halloween Season is in full swing here in Montgomery, tons of thrill-seekers are in search of the heart-pounding fun the season brings. Check out the MontgomeryHauntedHouses.com Newsletter below for frightening fun happening this weekend. From Haunted Houses, to Spook Walks, Haunted Hayrides and Creepy Corn Mazes, there's an endless amount of terror taking place that you surely don't want to miss out on!

Hellbilly Hollow
Vincent, AL
Open Friday 10/7, Saturday 10/8 and 8 other dates
Hellbilly Hollow features a haunted house, haunted trail and haunted corn maze, for those brave enough to enter!
Insanitarium Haunted Attraction
Pinson, AL
Open Friday 10/7, Saturday 10/8 and 13 other dates
Dr. Ausnemen has grown weary of his experimentations upon the undead. With his genius, the doctor created a machine. The machine allows Insanitarium visitors to see places unknown and encounter creatures unfathomable.
Greenville Haunted Firehouse
Greenville, AL
Open Friday 10/7, Saturday 10/8 and 7 other dates
Founded in 2003, the Greenville Haunted Firehouse is the brain child of the firefighters of Greenville, Alabama. Grown through hard work and passion for the scaring every soul that enters the house, the men and women of this haunt crew spend all year preparing for the scare season.
Nightmare at 3008
Fultondale, AL
Open Friday 10/7, Saturday 10/8 and 17 other dates
Once you have entered the halls of Terror Within you may feel like there is a cloud of fear looming all around you. As the door shuts, you are thrown into the darkness to feel your way through all the twists and turns as our misfits are closing in on you with each step you take.
Sleepy Hollow Haunted Farm
Auburn, AL
Open Friday 10/7, Saturday 10/8 and 7 other dates
Our Haunted House has been redone for this year's season and is sure to scare you out of your mind. This late 1800s Farm House is known for strange occurrences and unidentified animals spotted around it.



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